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Bel Air Dance Academy offers:
-a Youth Program for ages 3-5
-Professional dance instruction for ages 6-18
-Dance and Fitness classes for adults

See below for our SPRING Class schedules:

See below for our SUMMER Class schedules:

Dress Code:

Youth Dancers (3-5 year olds):
                                             -Solid colored leotard (any style),
                                             -Pink tights
                                             -Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather).
                                             -Skirts allowed but must be detachable.

                                             -White t-shirt
                                             -Black dance pants
                                             -Black ballet slippers

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Pink or tan tights. Bare legs and socks also                                                                                                acceptable.
                                             -Black tap shoes (style left to personal preference)
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Pink or tan tights. Bare legs and socks also                                                                                                acceptable.
                                             -Black jazz shoes
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted 

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Tan tights (convertible or footless)
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted

***Our 6-18 ballet dancers are required to purchase their leotards*** 
through us, as they are a uniform.
They also need pink tights and pink ballet slippers. 

Come and see us at the school to register, located at:
102 N. Main Street Suite 104 Bel Air MD 21014. 
Email to make an appointment at: belairdanceacademy@yahoo.com.
Please consult Samantha Trzcinski for class recommendations and/or placement questions. 

Click here to download the
Spring Adult Dance Schedule!
Click here to download the 6-18 Spring Class Schedule!

Click here to download the Spring Youth Schedule!
Click here to download our Soloist Package Information!
Click here to download the
Summer Adult Dance Schedule!
Click here to download the 6-18 Summer Class Card Schedule!

Click here to download the Summer Youth Unlimited Schedule!
Click here to download the
Youth Fairytale Workshop