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Performance Opportunities

Join us for our Spring show


on Saturday JUNE 13 at the 

Havre de Grace Opera House! 

***At Bel Air Dance Academy, our goal is to provide our students with the highest quality***
dance training. Any rehearsals, therefore, will always be held outside of regular class time.
The importance of this is so as not to compromise the students technical dance education.
Class time will never be used for rehearsal.
This also gives our dancers and their families the option of choosing whether or not to participate in a performance, and allows us to run our classes in 10 week sessions, rather than for an entire year.
  Our students truly get to learn how to dance, not just how to perform.
*For our Youth Dancers (ages 3-5) we will hold a Spring Recital.
Rehearsals for this show will begin during our Winter Session.
*For ages 6-18, we will have two  shows a year: Winter and Spring.
Auditions will be held for each show.
It will never be our desire to exclude any student from performing! 
The auditions are only for placement and casting, as well as giving our students experience with the audition process. All students who audition will recieve a part in our show.